Open Gym – 23 Aug 2017


A. EMOM for 6 min:
15 sec L-sit

B. 4 rounds, not for time:
5 sandbang over shoulder, 100/75lbs
Farmer Carry, 135/95lbs per hand
2 rope climb
5 tire flip

C. Back Extension: 2×15

D. Stretch

Workout – 22 Aug 2017


A1. Push Press: 5×3, using 5RM
A2. Double-unders: 5×60 sec

B1. Hip Slide: 3×8
B2. Bandstring Curl: 3×15
B3. DB RDL: 3×12; rest 60 sec

C1. DB Lateral Raise: 3×15
C2. Over & Back Press: 3×8; rest 60 sec

D1. DB Hammer Curl: 4×10/arm
D2. Band Pushdown: 4×12; rest 30 sec

E. DeFranco Ab Circuit

Workout – 21 Aug 2017


A. Hang Snatch (hips): build to tough weight in 8 min

B. Hang Snatch (hips): 4x2x85% (of Part A)

C. Hang Clean (mid-thigh) & Jerk: build to tough weight in 8 min

D. 2 Hang Clean (mid-thigh) + Jerk: 4 sets @ 85%

E. Turkish Get-up: 2×3/arm

F. Stretch

Workout – 18 Aug 2017

oh db lunge

A. Back Squat: 3x8x75%

B. For time:
Run 800m
30 db snatch, L arm
5 overhead walking lunge, L arm
30 db snatch, R arm
5 overhead walking lunge, R arm
Run 600m
20 db snatch
5 overhead walking lunge
20 db snatch
5 overhead walking lunge
Run 400m
10 db snatch
5 overhead walking lunge
10 db snatch
5 overhead walking lunge
Rx’d: 50/35lbs

C. Stretch

Workout – 17 Aug 2017

rich froning bp

A. Bench Press: 3×10, add weight

B. Deadlift: 3x8x75%

C1. DB Bench Press: 4×10
C2. Good Morning: 4×8; rest 60 sec

D1. Pallof Press: 2×8/side
D2. SLER: 2×12/arm

E. Stretch

Open Gym – 16 Aug 2017


A. Handstand walking practice: 10 min

B. 8 rounds for total reps:
In 60 sec, complete the following
Row 10/8 cals
Max ring dips
-rest 60 sec

C. Back Extension: 3×20

E. Stretch

Workout – 15 Aug 2017

t2b gif

A. EOMOM for 12 min:
Even: 3 bar muscle-up / 6 kipping pull-up / 3 tap swing + 3 negatives
Odd: 15 kettlebell swing, 53/35lbs

B. amrap in 10 min:
7 toe-to-bar
7 handstand push-up
7 ground-to-overhead, 135/93lbs
7 front squats, 135/93lbs

C. Band Face Pull + Ext Rot: 3×12

D. Stretch

Workout – 14 Aug 2017


A1. Push Press: 4×2, using 5RM
A2. Double-unders: 4×60 sec

B1. Hip Slide: 3×6
B2. Bandstring Curl: 3×12
B3. DB RDL: 3×10; rest 60 sec

C1. DB Lateral Raise: 3×12
C2. Over & Back Press: 3×8; rest 60 sec

D1. DB Hammer Curl: 3×10/arm
D2. Band Pushdown: 3×12; rest 30 sec

E. DeFranco Ab Circuit

Workout – 11 Aug 2017

ilin 165kg snatch

A. 2-posi Snatch (hips, knee): 6-8 sets, moderate

B. Clean + Hang Clean (mid-thigh) + Jerk: 6-8 sets, moderate

C. Turkish Get-up: 3×3/arm

D. Stretch

Workout – 10 Aug 2017

wb pic

A. Back Squat: 3x8x70%

B. For time:
50 box jump, 24/20″
50 kettlebell swing, 70/53lbs
50 knee-to-elbow
50 wall ball, 20/14lbs
50 burpees

C. Side Plank: 2×30 sec/side

D. Stretch

Open Gym – 9 Aug 2017

handstand walk

A. Handstand walking practice: 10 min

B. EMOM for 6 min:
3 tng snatch, 135/95lbs
1 rope climb

C. Spin Bike: 15 min @ relaxed pace

D. Back Extension: 3×15

E. Stretch

Workout – 8 Aug 2017

clint bp

A. Bench Press: 3×10, moderate

B. Deadlift: 3x8x70%

C1. DB Bench Press: 3×10
C2. Good Morning: 3×8; rest 60 sec

D1. Pallof Press: 2×8/side
D2. SLER: 2×12/arm

E. Stretch

New Cycle: Wells – Workout – 7 Aug 2017


Well after a slew of awesome personal records at the conclusion of our last cycle, it’s time to reset and rebuild. We’re entering our next training cycle and it will named “Wells” after Brooke Wells, the 14th Place finisher at this year’s CrossFit Games. There will be some similarities to our last cycle (Fikowski) and some major differences:


The Basics
1) Five-day rotation, programmed across Mon/Tues/Thur/Fri
2) We’ll be dialing back conditioning for (at least) the first five weeks of this program
3)We’ll continue working to develop classic CF skills, but we’re going to treat this as a chance to get people strong as fuck and hone their technique, form, and execution.
4) Each session on the 5-day rotation will have a different focus: mid-range CF, weightlifting, powerlifting, long-range CF, bodybuilding.

5) The hope is that a session dedicated entirely to one discipline will be more beneficial than spending 10-15 minutes on it once per week. So if you know that your snatch and clean & jerk suck, you should prioritize coming in on the weightlifting-focused day.

Weekly Breakdown
Day 1: bw gymnastics work (pull-ups, hspu, muscle-up) / mid-range metcon
  >>We’ll have some gymnastics skill work, volume, and density training. Continuing to work on kipping, fuller/deeper ROMS, and muscle-up practice. Will also incorporate some of these skills into metcons. Metcons will be “mid-range” i.e. 7-12 minutes or so.
Day 2: bench press / deadlift / accessory
  >>This will be our “powerlifting day.” Bringing back the bench press for some upper body pressing and keeping deadlifts in the our programming but focusing on rep work. Accessory exercises will vary, but will all be geared towards improving the bench and dead (i.e. db bench press, good morning, maybe rdl, dips, etc). No metcon or conditioning here, just heavy lifting and accessories.
Day 3: back squat / long metcon
  >>Yep, keeping back squats, but like deadlifts, we’ll be doing more reps high i.e. higher reps, shorter rest, more volume, less intensity, etc. We’ll shift into front squats in the second phase of this program. We’ll then do a long CF metcon for aerobic conditioning/endurance.
Day 4: snatch / clean & jerk / accessory
  >>”Weightlifting day” here! This one felt necessary after some of the things seen in the last cycle, especially with a lot of new Foundations folks joining classes. This way we’ll be able to spend at least 20 minutes on each lift, making corrections, providing regressions, mobility work, etc.
Day 5: push press / bodybuilding
  >>We’ll start this session with push presses, possibly paired some with CF skill work i.e. kipping pull-ups, double-unders, pistols, etc. Then we’ll shift into our “bodybuilding day.” Now, this won’t just be curls and lateral raises — we’ll be mixing in exercises to help build muscle around the more injury prone joints i.e. shoulders, glutes/hamstrings, quads, calves, arms. Although there is no conditioning here, the short rest periods and higher rep volumes should elicit a slight metabolic effect and “burn” that will certainly suck.
Open Gym (Wednesday): gymnastic & miscellaneous skills / conditioning / strongman work
  >>As it has been, Wednesday open gym workouts will vary depending on the week and the workouts surrounding it. We’ll mix in additional cardio (more CF specific) when necessary, advanced gymnastics work (muscle-ups, high rep pull-ups, handstand skills), and strongman work (tires, farmer carries, prowler pushes, sandbag work, etc) here and there.
Open Gym (Saturday)

  >>We will begin providing Saturday partner workouts, BUT these are generally reserved for 5-6x/week members. Lower frequency members should focus on the primary training days in the program. If a 2-3x/week member wants to do the partner metcon instead of the another workout, it’s acceptable, provided they’ve completed the main lifts for the week (bs, dl, bp, sn, cj, pp).

A. EOMOM for 14 min:
Even: 5 pull-up
Odd: 5 handstand push-up

B. amrap in 12 min:
3 muscle-up (4 jump pull-up + 4 dip)
5 power clean, 155/113lbs
7 burpee

C. Ab wheel: 2×8

D. Stretch

Workout – 3 Aug 2017


A. Deadlift: Max

B. For time:
Double-unders 50-40-30-20-10
Handstand Push-up 10-8-6-4-2

C. SLER: 2×12/arm

D. Stretch

Open Gym – 2 Aug 2017


A. Muscle-up OR Muscle-up Negative: 4×2-3

B. 5 rounds, not for time:
1 rope climb
6 kettlebell snatch/arm

C1. Back Extension: 2×15
C2. Turkish Get-up: 2×2/arm

D. Stretch