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Mason Ostrom

Mason has been coaching CrossFit for more than a decade, starting while in the Army. His search for improved mission preparedness led him to CrossFit where he found improved strength, endurance, speed, and agility. He took his CrossFit Level 1 in 2008, CrossFit Level 2 in 2012, and in 2017, he tested for and acquired his Level 3. He also holds a USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach credential. In 2019, Mason finished his Bachelors degree in Exercise and Sports Science, providing him even further depth of knowledge in the field of fitness and sports training. 

Mason has been a competitive athlete for many years as well, initially competing in CrossFit and earning a Regionals appearance in 2010. He then turned his focus to weightlifting where he saw further success. In 2013, he qualified for USAW National Championships. Now his focus is on coaching others to the success that they desire. He has coached other weightlifters to National Championships, and is constantly pursuing new ways to improve his coaching ability. Masonā€™s diverse background as both a coach and competitive athlete provide him with a well-rounded and significant experience to draw from. You can rest assured that Mason will be the first one to call you out for movement flaws and quickly offer ways to fix them. 

When not at the gym, Mason enjoys spending time with his wife and son, playing outside, and shooting competitively.