Neville Chu

Neville began his journey in athletics through martial arts and roller hockey in southern California.  After quitting both to be a better student and an overall better Asian, he quickly became a fat couch potato and gained tons of weight as a freshman in college.  In the summer of 2002 between his freshman and sophomore year, Neville made a decision to lose 20 pounds and ended up losing 25.  He has been passionate about helping people achieve their physical best ever since.  Neville found and fell in love with CrossFit in 2008 while working as a personal trainer and competed in the Southern California Regionals in 2009.  After Regionals he made the switch over to Olympic weightlifting hoping to improve his technique and efficiency in CrossFit workouts, but fell in love and never switched back.

Neville took his passion for helping people further and received his doctorate in physical therapy in 2012 from Boston University and now works at The KOR Physical Therapy in Beaverton, OR.  It is his belief that there is no better formula for good performance than movement efficiency + strength + vanilla bean ice cream.

Doctorate of Physical Therapy – Boston University, 2012
1 year residency in IOMT – 2013
USAW Level 1 – 2012