CrossFit Open Workout 20.1 (Rx)
10 rounds for time:
8 ground-to-overhead, 95/65lbs
10 bar-facing burpee
[15 min CAP]

CrossFit Open Workout 20.1 (Scaled)
10 rounds for time
8 ground-to-overhead, 65/45lbs
10 bar-facing burpee (may step over bar)
[15 min CAP]

CrossFit Open Workout 20.1 (Masters)
10 rounds for time:
8 ground-to-overhead, 95/65lbs
10 bar-facing burpee (may step over bar)
[15 min CAP]
**There are many potential Masters variations depending on Rx/Scaled and age group. This is how Masters divisions will be performing the Open workout at CrossFit Magnus, unless they are officially registered for the Open online**

The Open (again)

Well, it’s back. For the second time this calendar year, the CrossFit Open is here again. We’ll be doing a lot of things the same and a few things differently than we did in February, so let’s start to unpack everything…

Weekly Schedule
Monday: weightlifting / short power-focused metcon
Tuesday: back squat / longer metcon
Wednesday: RDL / Open specific skill work / short metcon
Thursday: active recovery / mobility
Friday: CrossFit Open Workout
Saturday: hypertrophy / running / recovery
Sunday: open gym (no programmed workout

Thursday Workouts
For those with previous CrossFit Open experience at Magnus, you’ll remember that Thursday workouts are very light, low intensity, primarily bodyweight movement-based, and not overly taxing. This is done for two reasons: 1) We don’t know what the Open workout will be until 5PM on Thursday, so we don’t want our Thursday workout to overlap too severely; and 2) If you’re going to give your absolute maximal effort during the Open workout on Friday, you should get a recovery focused session the day prior.

Friday Schedule
Unlike previous Opens, we won’t be running heats throughout the day. Oftentimes, this clusterfucked up heat organization and judging availability. This go ’round, we will run Open heats during specific class times. In other words, come to class as you normally would (on time, so help me); the coach on hand will warm everyone up; go over the workout and the expected movement standards for Rx, Scaled, and Masters; and then break into necessary heats to do the Open workout. Note: as we all know the 6PM/7PM classes can be large, so plan accordingly!

1) Movement standards will be strictly enforced during Open workouts. If you’ve been coming to class lately, you’ve likely noticed a larger emphasis on movement standards. Things like squat depth, barbell placement overhead, bringing your feet together on split movement before lowering the weight, hitting the target during wall balls, ensuring your chin is over the bar or chest is making contact during pull-ups, etc. While this stuff helps ensure uniformity for judging standards, it’s also important for another reason: you should be doing shit the right way anyways. Regardless of a competition or a random workout on a Tuesday, you should be trying to move with a full range of motion and acceptable repetitions all the time. If you’re shorting your squats or calling half-rep pull-ups good, you’re only cheating yourself at that point. Sure, you may finish 2 seconds ahead of the person next to you, but you got there on some bullshit and probably didn’t do your fitness any favors in the process. Move well with integrity and reap the benefits.

2) Open workouts can only be done during class or open gym hours on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday in the presence of at least one member of the coaching staff. Despite the official online qualification period, no Open workouts on Mondays at Magnus. 

3) Reps/workouts must be counted/judged by another person, ideally a coach but sheer numbers will preclude that from happening for everyone. If someone is registered online and needs an official score validation, he/she will need to be judged by a coach who has completed the online judges course. If people are only doing it in-house, they can have a fellow classmate judge/count their workout. Classmates are expected to enforce strict standards on one another!

4) If people miss out on the Fri/Sat/Sun window, they can do the Open workout on the following Wednesday if they choose, but it will NOT count towards their in-house score.

5) If someone judges you, then you have to judge someone else. “Reciprocity is the basic currency of social life.” -Jonathan Haidt

6) People are allowed to redo their Open workout so long as it's still done within the Magnus qualifying window (Fri/Sat/Sun during gym hours).

7) Out of town score submissions (i.e. someone doing it at another gym) are only acceptable towards someone's in-house score if the person is officially registered online for the CrossFit Open, so we can digitally verify their score. In other words, if someone knows they'll be doing an Open workout at another gym, they should register for the Open and make sure they drop in to a gym with verified judges.

8) Awards will be given to the winners of the following divisions: Scaled Women, Scaled Men, Rx Women, Rx Men, Masters Men (>40), and Masters Women (>40). Divisions must have at least four participants for prizes to be awarded. Prizes to be determined by Nick and Tatty.