New Training Cycle!

Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 8.55.57 AM.png

The 2019 CrossFit Open is fast approaching, so we’re shifting into our Pre/Intra CF Open Cycle. Read below for a more thorough explanation…

1) We're ditching the 3-day workout rotation this time and sticking with a weekly structure, but that structure will change slightly from week to week. See above image for a detailed breakdown.

2) Our primary lifts will be the snatch, clean & jerk, push press, back squat, deadlift -- very similar to our last cycle, but with some differences in rep ranges and loading.

3) Note how Mondays will alternate for Sn/CJ -- heavy one week; barbell cycling practice the next week. Tuesday/Thursday will have a similar set-up, alternating between back squat and push press with heavy reps and/or lighter speed/rep work.

4) There will be a much bigger focus on gymnastics skills as the Open tends to prioritize many of them. Kipping pull-ups, handstand push-ups, kipping toe-to-bar, handstand walking, muscle-up practice, and double-unders will be mixed into the programming via focused work and/or within metcons.

5) Open gym days will be reserved for even more barbell cycling practice, an invaluable skill in the Open, as well as gymnastic skills, some bench pressing, overhead squat practice/comfort, partner workouts, and aerobic recovery.

6) Metcons will steadily incorporate the kind of things we're accustomed to seeing in the Open i.e. higher reps / lighter weights, ascending ladders, 3-4 min blocks w/ ascending rep schemes, etc. On certain days we will re-test Open workouts from years previous.