The 2019 CrossFit Open

Well, the 2019 CrossFit Open is nearly upon us once again. Will there be thrusters? Probably. Will there be burpees? Most definitely. Will there probably be a workout with some annoying-ass measuring+taping scenario all over the floor to make things way more complicated than necessary? Unfortunately.

Our weekly programming schedule will shift a bit as the Open begins later this week. Here’s a quick rundown:

Weekly Schedule
1) Mon/Tue: largely staying the same programming wise.
2) Wednesday: volume/intensity go up, more CF Open specific practice
3) Thursdays: active recovery / mobility days
4) Friday: CF Open heats all day
5) Saturday: no programming
6) Sunday: open gym
  **Like years past, there is no Saturday programming during the Open. With the randomness of the Open and the weekly programming changes/adjustments necessary, it makes more sense to leave Saturday open to individual needs. This way people can repeat the Open workout (or do it for the first time if they miss Friday), make up a missed workout from earlier in the week, or work on specific skills/lifts that they may need to improve before the Open is over.

Now, we do the Open a little differently at Magnus. Right off the bat, we don’t encourage people to sign up for the Open online. Why give $20 of your own money to CFHQ to see your name in 8646th place on some digital leaderboard? Don’t get me wrong, if you want to do that, have at it. Personally, I like keeping my money and spending it on fancy shoes or cheap beef.

With that in mind, we do our own in-house CrossFit Open. We’ll have our own leaderboard with prizes given to the winners of several different divisions. But in order for this thing to work effectively and fairly, we’ve got some rules to go over…

1) Open workouts can only be done during class hours on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday in the presence of at least one member of the coaching staff. Despite the official online qualification period, no Open workouts on Mondays at Magnus. 

2) Reps/workouts must be counted/judged by another person, ideally a coach but sheer numbers will preclude that from happening for everyone. If someone is registered online and needs an official score validation, he/she will need to be judged by a coach who has completed the online judges course. If people are only doing it in-house, they can have a fellow classmate judge/count their workout. Classmates are expected to enforce strict standards on one another!

3) If people miss out on the Fri/Sat/Sun window, they can do the Open workout on the following Wednesday, but it will NOT count towards their in-house score.

4) People are allowed to redo their Open workout so long as it's still done within the Magnus qualifying window (Fri/Sat/Sun during gym hours).

5) Out of town score submissions (i.e. someone doing it at another gym) are only acceptable towards someone's in-house score if the person is officially registered online for the CrossFit Open, so we can digitally verify their score. In other words, if someone knows they'll be doing an Open workout at another gym, they should register for the Open and make sure they drop in to a gym with verified judges.

6) Awards will be given to the winners of the following divisions: Scaled Women, Scaled Men, Rx Women, Rx Men, Masters Men (>40), and Masters Women (>40). Prizes to be determined by Nick and Tatty.