Workout - 25 Mar 2019 (& New Cycle Explanation)

A. Front Squat: build to tough triple @ 30X1

B. Chin-up: 3x5 (3 sec eccentric)
L1: weighted
L2: negatives
L3: leg/partner-assisted negatives

C. For time:
Run 400m
15 db thrusters, 35/20lbs
Run 200m
15 db thrusters
Run 75m
15 db thrusters

D. Stretch

Khalipa - New Cycle Explanation
1) We're naming this one after Jason Khalipa as it has a big initial focus on raw strength development via barbell work i.e. squats, pulls, and pressing. We'll also be mixing in accessory strength work with chin-ups, push-ups, db reverse lunge, and handstand push-up.

2) At the onset, conditioning will be shorter efforts on Mon/Fri and eomoms on Tue/Thu pairing WL technique with monostructural activities (running, jumping rope, assault bike, rower, etc). Open gym sessions will be reserved for longer endurance metcons (for now) -- as always, these workouts are reserved for people who attend the gym 5-6x/week. If you miss any base day (Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri), you are expected to do those during open gym.

3) In the first week, Part A (barbell movement) and Part B (accessory movement) will be separate as we build to some tough baseline weights in our primary lifts. In Week 2, we will superset Part A's barbell movement and Part B's movement for better workout/class efficiency.

4) Mon/Fri conditioning efforts will be short and fast to begin the cycle. As it progresses, metcon duration will steadily increase. Similarly, the eomoms will shift into more specific weightlifting practice with heavier weights i.e. shifting from technique-oriented complexes to heavy singles/doubles of the full lifts.

5) As is custom with many of our training cycles, RDL's and shoulder presses will steadily shift into deadlifts and push presses, respectively. 

6) Tempo will be a big focus for at least the first 3-4 weeks of this program. Strict tempo will limit the total amount of weight people can use at certain rep ranges, but it should guarantee a focus on form and execution.

Weekly Breakdown
Monday: front squat / chin-up / metcon
Tuesday: rdl / push-up / snatch eomom
Wednesday: gymnastics / longer classic CF metcon
Thursday: shoulder press / db reverse lunge / CJ eomom
Friday: back squat / hspu / metcon
Saturday: bodybuilding / partner workouts / individual weaknesses