2019 CrossFit Open Results

Well, we’ve done the math and sorted out the winners. Every performance/score was taken into account each week, but you could only qualify to win/place if you completed all five Open workouts. Let’s dive in…

In the Rx Men’s division, we had a pretty awesome battle shaping up between Leland and Sean… and then they both decided to go on vacation and miss a few of the workouts. So perhaps we’ll see them go head-to-head in our annual in-house competition in May. With both of them disqualified for not completing all five workouts, our reigning in-house and Open champ from last year, CJ took first once again! Geoff took second with some solid performances and shout-out to Eric for taking third — he could’ve opted to compete in the Masters division, but he chose to stick with Rx and still managed to take third overall.

Rx Men
1) CJ (17 points)
2) Geoff (21 points)
3) Eric O (32 points)

In the Rx Women’s division… well, we kinda saw this one coming, didn’t we? With first place finishes in every single workout, Taylor handily swept the division after just missing out on first place last year. Like CJ, Taylor is also the reigning In-house champion. Rounding out the top-3 were Emma and Olivia with some strong work in the Rx division. Emma just edged out Olivia by 2 points to take second overall, but props to Olivia getting her first-ever bar muscle-up during 19.4!

Rx Women
1) Taylor (5 points)
2) Emma (13 points)
3) Olivia (15 points)

In the Scaled Men’s division, Jay W put up a dominant performance, finishing first in every workout except for 19.4. Tyler was still clicking at his heels every workout as he finished in second place overall. Meanwhile, Glenn took third overall with some steady, consistent performances. By next year, hopefully we see some of the Scaled dudes crushing shit in the Rx division, but for now, solid work all around!

Scaled Men
1) Jay W (6 points)
2) Tyler (12 points)
3) Glenn (25 points)

The Scaled Women’s division was awesome because there were nine women who completed all five Open workouts. For reference, Rx Men had three, Rx Women had three, Scaled Men had five, Masters Men had one, and Masters Women had three. So there were a lot of people eligible to win and/or place, making it a hotly contested division. She won’t believe I’m typing this, but the overall winner of the Scaled Women’s division was Danielle! With only one finish out of the top-5 (6th place on 19.1), Danielle was a monument to consistency. She managed to beat Spocker by just three points. After three first place finishes (19.1, 19.2, and 19.5), everyone assumed Spocker would run away with the victory, but two tough placings in 19.3 and 19.4 gave Danielle just enough room to move ahead. Rounding out the top-3 was Hellical, who was just one(!) point behind Spocker. Like I said, a very tight division!

Scaled Women
1) Danielle (20 points)
2) Spocker (23 points)
3) Hellical (24 points)

In the Masters Men division, Nick H was dominating all of the workouts, but as he’s the owner of the gym, we weren’t going to let him win it all. But he missed the last workout for his judo tournament anyways, so it took care of itself. There were strong performances from Ben G and Spencer, but each of them missed some workouts, effectively disqualifying them from contention. Rule #1 in fitness, folks: show up. By virtue of consistency and finishing in the top-5 on all five workouts, the winner of the Master Men division was JJ!

Masters Men
1) JJ (Jay Jennings)

We had three women qualify to win/place in the Masters Women division, and much like the Rx Women’s division, this one was dominated by one person. Like Taylor, Christine finished in first on all five workouts. Molly and Leslie round out the top-3 with some solid performances over the five weeks of misery. Super proud and impressed of the work all these women put in.

Masters Women
1) Christine (5 points)
2) Molly (11 points)
3) Leslie (16 points)

There were a few people who missed a workout or two, but otherwise had chances/opportunities to place or possibly win. People like Sean, Leland, Dom, Kate, Laura, Kill It!, Spencer, Ben G, etc. This is our honorary “Could’ve Been A Contender” category, it seems. Despite some excellent performances, these people missed out. A lesson for next year!

A huge thanks to everyone who participated, judged, set-up, cleaned up, and endured the five weeks of the Open. Super proud of how everyone performed. From time to time, I urge you to look back at your results on each Open workout and use it a chance to assess what you need to improve on. Some folks are strong as hell, but struggle with bodyweight gymnastics movements; others can destroy pull-ups/hspu, but can’t lift all that much weight on a bar. Bottom line: find your weaknesses and attack them!

Lastly, I expect to see a lot of the names listed/mentioned above competing in our annual In-house Competition this May! As my old, foolish college roommate used to say, “Stupid not to.”