In-house Competition!

Folks, it's time to test your mettle. And it's also time we realize that "mettle" doesn't get used enough in the modern day lexicon. It's time for our second CrossFit Magnus In-house Competition! Yes, last year we gave it a ridiculously long name, so we're keeping it simple this year. Now, before we go any further, let's discuss this whole shindig... We spend hours and hours in the gym every single week, working on getting stronger and moving faster/better. Most times you're simply competing against yourself or another member you regularly attend class alongside. Once in a while, though, it's good to test yourself a little further. The in-house competition provides a chance to test yourself against your peers and have a chance for some ridiculous prizes.

The competition will consist of 3-4 events, each testing a different parameter of your fitness. This way the competition is not biased towards one particular kind of athlete. For instance, here were last year's events:

Event 1 2 attempts at 1RM clean & jerk

Event 2 Strongman Medley (tire flips, prowler push, keg carry, farmer carry)

Event 3 amrap in 12 min: Buy-in: 15 thrusters Run 250m 10 lateral burpees 15 kettlebell swing

You can expect to see some similarities in the structure of this year's competition i.e. a strength event, a heavy/short event, and an endurance/longer event. The female and male winners of this year's event take home some awesome prizes:

1st Place: 3 months unlimited membership ($417 value) 2nd Place: 2 months unlimited membership ($278 value) 3rd Place: 1 month unlimited membership ($139 value)

You can't beat that! So sign up now using the link below. Honestly, do it. You may be terrified at first, but you'll be so glad you did it when it's all said and done. People sometimes get a bit intimidated at the prospect of competing in a larger group setting with multiple events. But while the competition is fierce and everyone wants to win, it's all in good fun. Everyone is supportive, cheers each other on, and is better for the experience. Sign up now!

CrossFit Magnus In-house Competiton Saturday, August 29th from 9AM-3PM (cookout to follow) Register HERE