Memorial Day - 30 May 2016

U.S. Marine Major Megan Malia Leilani McClung of Orange County, California assigned to I Marine Expeditionary Force as the Marine Corps head of public affairs for Al Anbar Province was killed on December 6, 2006, when a massive improvised explosive device (IED) destroyed McClung’s Humvee, instantly killing McClung and the other two occupants. McClung was the first female Marine officer to be killed in the Iraq war, as well as the first female graduate of the United States Naval Academy to be killed in action since the school was founded in 1845. She is survived by her parents Mike and Re McClung.

Ideally, this is done as a partner workout, but can be done alone. The first number is the distance/reps/cals if you’re doing this workout solo; the second number represents the distance/reps/cals if done with a partner. If done as a partner workout, both people run together and the rest of the movements can be split however the team likes. (30 min cap)
Block Run /400m run
20 / 40 handstand push-ups
20 / 40 chin-ups
20 / 40 cal Airdyne
400m / 800m run
40 / 80 ring rows
40 / 80 push-ups
40 / 80 cal Airdyne
800m / 1600m run
80 / 120 squats
80 / 120 sit-ups
80 cal / 120 Cal Airdyne