Wednesday Musings - Amelia

Roughly seven months ago, we decided to try something different at CrossFit Magnus. We ran a one-day Foundations course -- quite the departure from our usual 4-week, 12-session course. It was mostly an experiment, as we haven't done it since. But from it came the Wassermans aka Marc and Amelia. Marc has been kicking ass on the reg, but Amelia has done something incredibly special and noteworthy... [embed][/embed]

That's right. 42lbs in 7 months. Initially, this may seem drastic, but if you break it down, it looks like this:

42lbs / 7 months = 6lbs/month = 1.5lbs/week

Those numbers are well within the ranges of healthy and safe weight loss. How Amelia achieved this is quite simple. Simple, but not easy. If it were easy, everyone could do it. She simply made changes and commitments that were simple and sustainable. She ate three full meals/day with no snacking in between. She focused on foods that fueled her performance, rather than just what looked good. And she worked out 3x/week CONSISTENTLY.

This part is key. Consistency and commitment. Dedication and discipline. And not just to working out, but to eating well, sleeping well, and sticking to it for a long time. Yes, it's difficult. It's very fucking difficult, as a matter of fact. But if you ask Amelia if it was worth it, I think her smile in the video tells you all you need to know.

Tim, who coaches Amelia quite often in the 6PM class, had the following to say about her:

"When I think of Amelia, I think of coachability, determination, and a sparkling attitude!  First, she takes coaching as well as any member we have.  I give coaching, she often asks clarifying questions, and she does her best to put the coaching to work.  She's coachable to the Nth degree.  Next, she's a hardy determined trainee, but she also doesn't act like a noob.  She works her butt off, but she doesn't get all idiotic about trying to do too much.  Lastly, she always seems to be cheery and positive.  Aside from the fact that she always makes fun of me about being old, she's always a joy to have in class because of that attitude."

Congratulations, Amelia! It has been a delight helping you along in this journey and we hope it helps inspire other folks to seek the same success!