Nick Hurndon - Owner

Nick is a hardened Marine veteran born from eagle blood and apple pie sweat. He started his fitness endeavors as a competitive high school power lifter and wrestler. In the world beyond high school, he continues to pursue health and fitness as a competitive CrossFit athlete and Olympic weightlifter, as well as a recreational hiker and runner. Nick was introduced to CrossFit in 2009 when walking through the streets of DC he witnessed a skinny, malnourished Quint struggling to deadlift his bodyweight. Nick likes kittens, sushi, Blood Meridian, and back squats. He firmly believes that you can lead a horse to water and make him drink it and that transcendentalism is the key to a happy life. Certifications/Seminars CrossFit Level 1 (CrossFit Fort Belvoir 2010, CrossFit Reykjavik 2015) Whole9 Nutrition Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification (HKC) Instructor - 2013 USAW Level 1 Sports Performance - 2013 CrossFit Football - 2014

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