Nik Shoesmith

I grew up playing sports and being active my whole life. In high school, I participated in track, football, and wrestling. In 2008, I won the wrestling state championships in the 189lbs class. I could also throw a football a quarter mile. In college, I discovered CrossFit and found it to be the perfect outlet for my competitive nature and my need to stay active and fit.I really enjoy CrossFit and how it adheres to any age or any level that is out there. I love the fact that any person can walk in the door and really figure out what they are capable of.  The community is something special to me, when the last person done gets cheered for as if they are breaking some new record, you know it's a loving environment.

In my off time I spend most of my time continuing to be active doing things like disc-golf, riding my bike, spending time with my dog, and eating delicious food.

CrossFit Level 1 - October 2015