Open Gym

Congratulation to Mario Ferrito for recently attaining his black sash in Farang Mu Sul!  Mario is on the left with the kick-ass mustache and stupid shoes.  Of course, I'd never say this to his face because he could smash mine into oblivion.

"Big thank you for your hospitality at CrossFit Magnus.  I had the test of my life lasting just shy of 10 hours and without the space in Portland to train, it's safe to say things would have gone south." -Mario

Mario lives in Northern California and practices Farang Hapkido and Farang Mu Sul.  He now holds black belts in both.  When Mario is in Portland, he trains hard at CrossFit Magnus.  Congratulations again, Mario!  Well done.

Today is an open gym.  We'll work on individual mobility issues and soft tissue restrictions.  General skill work will include double-unders and clean progressions.  After that, you'll spend the remainder of class working on recovery and individual weakness-related skill work.  Get after it, people!