...and we're back!

After a long and shitty delay, we're back to running our full schedule of classes full of workouts that don't suck.  Well, they suck, but in the good way.  Again, we really appreciate everyone's patience and understanding during this transition.  It has been difficult, but no more bullshit.  Back to tough training, good eating, and getting stronger and awesomer.  Thanks again.  Let's get yoked.

A. Deadlift: build to tough triple in no more than 12 min

B. Sn-grip Deadlift off riser: 3x10-12; rest 90 sec b/t sets

C. 6 Rounds:
5 thruster
10 kettlebell swing
10 calories on Airdyne
rest 60 sec

D. Stretch: 5 min