Saturday Musings - 28 Feb 2015

As February winds down to close, I can already feel the IRS reaching it's ice cold dead hands into my pockets to bleed me dry of all of my semi-hard-earned dollars. But enough about that, let's talk fitness... A huge congratulatory shout-out to the winners of our recent Paleo Body Recomposition Challenge! We opted not to call it a "fat loss" challenge because, while some people were looking to lose some unwanted adipose tissue, there's much more to it than that. Gain muscle, improve performance, look better naked, improve self-image -- all of these things go hand in hand. When you commit to the process, work hard, and follow Tim's advice, great things can happen.

1st Place: Steve L - With a bum shoulder, Steve followed a brutal Russian squat program (aka Smolov) and adhered to Tim's nutrition recommendations. He lost 9lbs of fat (3.7%) and gained an absurd 5lbs of muscle in only five weeks. Unreal.

paleo steve

2nd Place: Macie D - MaceFace was the only other participant to tack on muscle during the challenge. She lost an impressive 2.5% of bodyfat. CrossFit + roller derby + discipline + focus = results.

3rd Place: Peter H - And rounding out the top 3, Peter was right behind Macie with a 2.4% loss of bodyfat. Peter lost nearly 9lbs of fat over the 5-week challenge.

paleo peter

Congratulations to everyone who participated and saw solid results like these. These improvements were only over a five week period. And this isn't about some month-long crash diet, restricting calories and cutting peas in half. This challenge was about long-term sustainable change. Something you can stick with over time and continue to see results. As we always say, exercise is only a fraction of the equation. Nutrition is paramount!