The CrossFit Open - 16 Feb 2016

Well, it's another year and it's time for another go'round of the CrossFit Open. For those who don't know, the Open is worldwide event for people to compete in five different CrossFit workouts over the course of five weeks. Those with the best scores in their specific region are then invited to Regionals and winners of Regionals are invited to the CrossFit Games in California. I know, I know, all this sound about "Regionals" makes it sound like an episode of Glee. Traditionally, we haven't advertised or put too much stock in the CrossFit Open. I've had mixed emotions about putting someone with 1-2 months of CrossFit experience through this:

At the other end of the spectrum, you have your ultra-competitive types who throw any semblance of caution or good form to the wind just to get a decent score in an online competition. And when that happens, you get this:


Obviously, we wouldn't have allowed that kind of horseshit form, but the point is that sometimes the Open workouts don't put the general fitness public in the best position to perform exercises safely. Think: high rep box jumps and ascending high-rep deadlifts (10x135lbs all the way up to 35x365lbs). But luckily, last year CrossFit instituted a "scaled division" allowing the competition to be a bit more inclusive to novice CrossFitters. And when it's all said and done, we are a CrossFit gym, so why not take part in the Open?

Some gyms pride themselves on how many of their members they get to enroll in the Open: "We have over 60 members signed up for the Open this year!" I mean, that's great, but each member just paid $20 to CFHQ. That's $1200 you could've used to buy more equipment for you gym. Instead, people get to see their name on some virtual online leaderboard. Neat. Now if you want to sign up for the Open online, please feel free (link here). But please know that we'll have our own in-house leaderboard set up in the gym, we'll track scores each week, we'll award prizes to the winners, and you won't have to pay any money.

So, having said all of that, here is how our next training cycle will look as it revolves around the CrossFit Open. The Open workouts are released on Thursday evening at 5PM, so the Friday workout at CrossFit Magnus will be the Open workout.

Monday: double-unders / back squat / longer metcon Tuesday: overhead / shorter metcon / accessory Wednesday (open gym): CrossFit skills practice i.e. kipping, pistols, tng reps, muscle-ups, etc Thursday: lighter barbell work / bodyweight exercises / low intensity / no metcon Friday: the Open workout

So there you have it, the 2016 CrossFit Open at CrossFit Magnus. Let's see what kind of gnarly shit comes up this year!