This is for your own good.

           You dirty orange bastards.

Look, I know you hate wall balls.  I don't blame you, not in the least.  They suck.  But we're trying to achieve something here.  We're making them habit and routine.  With all of this practice, you'll never bat an eye at a wall ball again.  When a workout with 30+ unbroken wall balls shows up, you'll know exactly how it should feel, how to pace it, and where your rhythm lies.  Embrace the suck and things will only get better and easier...

A1. Front Squat: 5x4 @ 31X1; rest 15 sec
A2. Chin-up / Ring Row: 5x6-8 @ 2010; rest 60 sec

B. EOMOM for 20 min:
     10 Kettlebell Swing
     10 Wall Ball (unbroken)

C. SLER: 3x8-10/side @ 3030; rest 60 sec b/t sets