Turn up the volume.

A1. Front Squat: 6x2 @ 20X2; rest 15 sec
A2. Chin-up: 4 x Max (strict); rest 90 sec
      Ring Row: 5 x Max (strict)

B. Barbell Complex: 4-5 sets; full recovery b/t sets
     8 RDL
     8 Row
     8 Clean  (reps will be reduced if still developing technique)
     8 Shoulder Press
     8 Back Squat
     8 Behind-the-Neck Push Press
         >>With the additional volume and inclusion of shoulder presses, be prepared to use less weight than the last time we did barbell complexes.

C. SLER: 3x10/arm @ 3030; rest 60 sec b/t sets