Wednesday Musings - 14 Jan 2015

We're sitting in the middle of Week 9 of our current strength cycle and it's started... "Hey Quint, when are testing our maxes?"

"When do I get to see what my deadlift is?"

"We should probably max soon because I'm suddenly an expert. Nah, I'm kidding, I'm just an impatient shit."

I don't fault you lot for your anxiousness. You've been putting in the work, plugging away, banging the weights, and you want to see how much stronger you've gotten. Totally understandable. But if you keep your head down and stay patient, you're going to see even better results. The people who max every day or every week eventually burn out and hate lifting. But if you can respect the process and stick to the program, you will be much happier with the end product.

The program you're on right now is designed to get your progressively stronger and awesomer, but it requires you not to deviate from it. Don't come in and test your 1RM on an open gym day because you're "curious" where you're at. Curious George was curious and that little asshole kept getting himself into a bunch of shenanigans that just made The Man In The Yellow Hat look like a terribly irresponsible pet owner. You're not a little dipshit monkey.

Be consistent, respect the process, and ride the wave. The more work you put in over a longer time frame, the better the result. Just a few more weeks!

drake DL This is Drake. About to be split in half with 225lbs.