Wednesday Musings - 18 Feb 2015

Ugh. It's that time of year again, folks. Yes, the CrossFit Open is here. As you can tell by my tone, I'm not exactly thrilled as the Open hasn't been my favorite thing in the world over the years. I honestly liked the idea of having entry into the CrossFit Games available to the entire world. It enhanced that initial concept of "all-inclusive" fitness that has helped make CrossFit so popular. Then they said "amrap in 7 minutes of… burpees" and they lost me. Nope. No thanks.

Then they said 10 minutes of snatching with progressively heavier weights and the internet gave us this:


Nope. No thanks.

My issue is really rooted in failing to separate CrossFit as a sport and CrossFit as a fitness program. Our programming reflects that of a fitness program. We want to make you stronger, fitter, and healthier in a safe and progressive fashion. Our goal as a gym of 100+ members isn't to beat Rich Froning in a 4-day exercise event marathon. For the most part, we're a bunch of regular folk who want to be in shape and look good naked. Ain't nothing wrong with that.

On the flip side, if you WANT to compete in CrossFit, we will completely and totally support you in that endeavor in any way possible. We'll make the necessary adjustments to your workouts, we'll help you at local CrossFit competitions -- hell, we even hosted our own in-house CrossFit competition last summer. I'm personally just not a huge fan of the workouts this guy prescribes to over 200,000 people...

castro cunt

So with all of that said, the CrossFit Open is here again. If you are interested in testing your mettle, then we will help you through it as best we can. You can register for the Open here. Although if you still want to do the Open workouts and save $20, you don't need to register on their website -- the only difference is your name won't be displayed on their online leaderboard. Shucks.

Now where will the Open workouts fall into your week? We will host/judge your workout on Saturdays at 11:30AM starting February 28th during open gym. That time is flexible, of course, but if multiple people are enduring these workouts, it's always better to suffer together.