Wednesday Musings - 7 Jan 2015

I'm trying to make this blog a thing. Ya know... that people read. So I plan to write more things. And I hope that the other coaches at CrossFit Magnus participate as well. There's nothing very deep or mind-boggling in today's post, I just wanted to say a few quick things... 1) Best of luck to everyone who has signed up for Tim's Paleo Body Recomp Challenge! There are many awesome prizes to be won, but above all else, nothing beats looking, feeling, and performing better. Stay diligent, work hard, and do what Tim says. Don't eat the exact opposite of what he recommends, balloon up 20lbs, and then say, "Well, this challenge was just bullshit!"


2) Alright folks, let's be real here. The gym isn't in a terrible location, but there are always assholes afoot. Car break-ins are a dismal reality in Portland (and most all places anywhere), especially during this time of year where it's dark nearly the entire goddamn day. Aside from hiding in your trunk with a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, the only real way to prevent your car getting busted into is to ensure there's nothing visible worth stealing. If you have three iPods sitting on your front seat, the odds are never in your favor, Katniss. Place your bags, purses, valuables, and electronics in your trunk and/or out of sight. Or better yet, just bring them into the gym and I'll steal them. Either way, the best defense is... a better defense. Or something.

3) This last one is pretty simple. Here's a hypothetical: you go to the bathroom. You wash your hands afterwards because you're a grown-up sharing a space with other people. You dry your hands with some paper towel. You throw the paper towel towards the waste basket, but your aim sucks and it falls to the floor. What's the next logical step? Contrary what you may think, it's not to simply exit the bathroom. The next logical step would be to PICK UP THE GODDAMN TOWEL AND PLACE IT PROPERLY INTO THE GODDAMN WASTE BASKET. Like I said, pretty simple. If the waste basket is full or overflowing, please just tell your coach and one of us will gladly empty it. But don't just leave your trash on the floor.

And that is it for this edition of Wednesday Musings. Have a lovely Hump Day!