Welcome to the Future

RAP. WON'T. SAVE. YOU. Alright folks, bear with me.  Consider this a test post before we really delve deep into the depths of Wordpress.  A big thanks goes to Paul Clay for helping us getting this damn thing going and shifting away from that wretched butt-stain that was PerfectMind.

I'm going to screw around with some quick media addition now, just to see how content can be added and how it looks...

mag barbell

Be sure to follow @magnusbarbell on Instagram to keep up with the progress of our weightlifters and powerlifters.  Prepare for PR's, quad shots, and more hashtags than were ever needed for anything.

I'm going to leave you with this gem from Doomtree below.  More workouts, informational posts regarding training, nutrition, and murder-making mastodonry coming soon!!