Workout - 22 June 2015


Day 1
  >>Removing barbell complexes and going straight to regular-ass deadlifts. Adding a sprint-effort metcon i.e. row sprints, Airdyne sprints, typical sprints, or max burpees in 60 sec type shit, etc.
Day 2
  >>Adding a vertical press. We'll be alternating between these four during each 5-week block: shoulder press > push press > push jerk > pp+pj+split jerk. Finish with a moderate metcon i.e. 6-10 minutes or so. When I say "moderate" I mean in length or duration. Intensity on these workouts is usually pretty rough.
Day 3
  >>The first few back squat sessions will start with some posterior chain work to pump blood into the hamstrings. Back squats will be in lower rep ranges (Read: heavier) during this cycle as well. Day 3 is a pure strength day; no metcon, no conditioning. 
Day 4
  >>Gymnastics work (w/ chin-ups and false-grip pull-ups) followed by a longer metcon i.e. 12-30 minutes. We'll be adding some more structure to the gymnastics work as well i.e. stations, emoms, etc.
Day 5
  >>Sticking with a strictly weightlifting-oriented day, but rather than just write "snatch," I'm going to write specific drills with accompanying skill levels i.e. L1: Mid-thigh Snatch: tough weight; L2: Mid-thigh Power Snatch + OHS: tough weight; etc. Also adding front squats to this day. This will get folks squatting relatively heavy twice/week.


So with this new structure, here is Day 1...

A. Double-unders: 6 min

B. Deadlift: 5RM

C. Prowler Suicides: 2-3 sets

D. Side Planks: 3x30 sec/side

E. Stretch