Workout - 30 Nov 2015

Now that last week's holiday binging is over and we had a brief transition week, it's time to officially begin our new training program: the Holmberg Cycle! We're calling it the "Holmberg Cycle" named after 2010 CrossFit Games champion, Graham Holmberg. Yes, we're going to name our CF programs after famous CrossFitters. It's just easier that way, damn it.

This cycle goes back to our classic 5-day rotation. Each day has a different focus that will be addressed on one of our 4 programmed days (Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri). Additional open gym (Wed/Sat) workouts will be provided for clients who attend classes 5-6x/week.

Day 1: double-unders / front squat / sprint effort Day 2: bench press / 12-20 min classic CF Day 3: gymnastic skills / deadlift / 6-10 min burner Day 4: jerk / pull-up / long misery Day 5: unilateral work / EMOM Olymic lift work / accessory

This will be the basic structure of the program. Generally, these programs last 10 weeks, but this may be shorter or longer with the Dec/Jan holiday season messing up our regular class schedule. This cycle already has some great stuff planned, so be consistent, work hard, and hop on the Gain Train!

A. Double-unders: 6 min

B. Front Squat: tough triple, then 3x3x90%

C. For total time Row 500m, rest 90 sec, Row 500m

D1. Hip Slide: 3x10 D2. DB RDL: 3x10

E. Stretch