About Us

Best CrossFit Gym 2016:

Thank you to our awesome community for voting us the Best CrossFit Gym in Portland!


CrossFit Magnus is a 4200 square foot training facility located in the Buckman neighborhood of Portland. Our mission is to provide strength and conditioning services to the area with the purpose of helping our clients achieve their goals, whether in the gym or beyond. We believe that fitness is defined by your physical, mental and spiritual state. Fitness is a lifelong journey, and everyone has their own particular path to pursue. We believe there is no single answer to or authority on the many questions that may arise along the way; therefore, our methods are a compilation of knowledge from a myriad of sources. We hope that our clients will find new answers as they progress towards their goals with us, just as we, the owners and trainers at CrossFit Magnus will continually broaden our knowledge base in order to best serve our clients.


We at CrossFit Magnus draw upon a wide variety of backgrounds and experience in order to provide our clients with the broadest possible knowledge base with which to direct their training. Though we are centered around CrossFit methodologies and principles, we also pull in various other training disciplines, whether they be as disparate as bodybuilding and Highland games training, to help our clients reach their particular fitness goals. We strive to find a balance between a general training template that our clients can use to find direction in their training, and one that will also provide the flexibility to adapt towards their own training pursuits.