Getting Started


Foundations is a 4 week, 12 session course that will introduce you to both the basic movements and training philosophies that govern how we pursue fitness at CrossFit Magnus. ¬†You will need to complete Foundations in order to join group CrossFit classes. Price: $149. ¬†Foundations is scheduled monthly Mon/Wed/Thurs 7pm-8pm. Click on the “Book Me” tab to sign up.

Floating Foundations: Come to any or every Wednesday and/or Saturday open gym, go through the Foundations checklist with the coach of the day. Once you complete the checklist you can become a full time member and attend regular group classes. $149

Personal Foundations: A one-on-one Foundations course based on your schedule. Typically 6-8 sessions. Price includes unlimited membership for the remainder of the month following completion of Foundations. $249

Testing out of Foundations: If you are an experienced CrossFitter or you have previously been a member at another CrossFit facility, you can test out of our Foundations course by dropping in to one of our classes demonstrate proficiency by completing the workout.